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Campo San Geremia is our meeting point in Venice. Look at the map and find out how to reach us

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We do not have a standard tour. Everyday is a different adventure, depending on the weather forecast and the guide itinerary.

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Do you have questions about how it works? Please, read the frequently asked questions before contacting us

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About Free Venice City Tour

Welcome to Free Venice City Tour, organized by the Cultural Association Marco Polo!
We offer Venice walking tours that will help you discover the history and some of the sole sights of the city, while taking a passeggiata (a tranquil walk) on its off beaten touristic calli, admiring Venice's amazing watery setting and learning its history back to the roots.

You will get to determine what a tour is worth, thus ensuring that your tour host must strive to give his or her best on every tour. Venice is one of the most expensive cities in Europe and we feel that every Guest should be able to experience its uniqueness in an affordable manner.

We would like to show you the city from a different point of view, leaving aside the typical tourist attractions and helping you to know and appreciate Venice as locals do. Visiting this island of more than 100 islands where many personalities were born, such as Giacomo Casanova, Antonio Vivaldi, Sara Copio Sullam, Carlo Goldoni, Tintoretto and Marco Polo himself, you will also learn about Venice's specialties: the Murano glass, the Burano merletti, its authentic cuisine and unparalleled festivals, from the Regatta Storica and Vogalonga, to the Carnival and the Biennale of Venice.

This year we have also included a visit to the Ghetto of Venice in our tour, on the occasion of the commemoration of the 500 years of the Ghetto of Venice. The first Ghetto in the world, where the Serenissima Repubblica di Venezia (the Most Serene Republic of Venice) imposed to Jews to live for more than 300 years, starting from 1516 till 1797.

An unknown writer once found a phonetic resemblance or an etymological derivation for Venetian: Veni etiam - come again, or return.

A kind invitation we at Free Venice City Tour are making to each Visitor.


You are kindly asked to read our FAQ as you may find answers to your questions in this section. If your questions are not answered on this page, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you.