Top Tips you should Know Before Going for A Venice tour

Summary: Enjoying Venice tour is really exciting but you should have some preparations before you take the tour. A few suggestions are shared here. Venice is a globally famous tourist destination where plenty of tourist attractions are housed along with exceptional natural beauty and its floating ambiance. The city is a cluster of 117 numbers[…]

German Protestant Church – Former Scuola dell’Angelo Custode

German Protestant Church Former Scuola dell’Angelo Custode Since in the course of time the conflicts with the German ‘heretics’ kept recurring because of funerals, the German merchants applied for a burial ground of their own. The Magistrate granted this and since 1719 the Lutherans have been buried on the island of San Cristoforo della Pace.[…]

The Scuola Grande of Misericordia is finally opened to the public!

In Venice a scuola was the seat of a charity/religious institution. The Scuola Grande of S. Maria della Misericordia was erected in 1310 and subsequently enlarged several times. This large building was built to house the growing number of members of the confraternity in the 16th century. It was built partly according to drawings by[…]

St Mark’s Square

Canaletto, The Piazza San Marco in Venice, 1723 It is a most fascinating square. St Mark’s Square is called a piazza and not a campo to distinguish it from the other squares and to emphasis its singular beauty. It was once a remarkable showcase for feasts, ceremonies, tournaments and fairs. Here you will see the St[…]

The symbol of Venice—Gondola!

  The first reordered use of the word gondola dates from the XI century. The etymology of the word is uncertain. Some say it may come from the Latin cymbula (little boat) or from the diminutive of cuncula (shell). The gondola is about 11 meters long; it is painted black with a waterproof finish requiring[…]

How to spend the Easter holiday in Venice?

Venice is a perfect destination for all types of holidays! This unique city with its magic atmosphere can satisfy all tastes… Do not forget to taste the Colomba Pasquale, or Easter Dove, that you may see in many bakery shops throughout the city. But on Easter Sunday (Pasqua), take a trip to Basilica San Marco (no[…]

The Oratorio dei Crociferi

One of the unknown marvels of Venice is finelly open for public!The Oratorio dei Crociferi decorated by Jacopo Palma Il Giovane in the years 1583- 1592. His canvases depict episodes from the history of this Order of Crusades monks, with particular reference to its two main benefactors the doge Renier Zen and Pasquale Cicogna.  The[…]