St Mark’s Square

Saint Marks Square
Canaletto, The Piazza San Marco in Venice, 1723

It is a most fascinating square. St Mark’s Square is called
a piazza and not a campo to distinguish it from the other squares
and to emphasis its singular beauty. It was once a remarkable
showcase for feasts, ceremonies, tournaments and fairs.

Here you will see the St Mark’s Basilica, a superb example of
the Romanesque-Byzantine style. It was built to house the body
of St Mark the Evangelist. The Basilica is famous by its mosaics
of Veneto-Byzantine origin, some of them reconstructed from
drawings by Titian, Tintoretto and Veronese.

Do not miss visiting the highest Bell Tower of Venice which
was once a lighthouse for ships. At the foot of the tower
is a 16th century loggia by J. Sansovino.


Piazza San Marco

It will take at least a couple of hours to visit the most beautiful
palace of the city- the Doge’s Palace and Palace of Justice realized
in Venetian Gothic style. In the courtyard you can admire
a masterpiece of Renaissance art – the Giants Stairway.

Astronomical Clock

And this is not all… The 15th century Astronomical Clock Tower
with its Moors, Old and New Procuratie where once were
the residence of the Procurators of St Mark who as magistrates
represented the highest authority after the Doge, the Marciano
Museum and Library where you can find Greek and Latin codices,
manuscripts and printed books, the Archaeological Museum
with a rich and precious collection of ancient sculptures and
sure the Correr Museum which is also named like Napoleon Wing.

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